Computation and Theory of Soft Materials
Welcome to the world of soft matter! Soft matter is an umbrella term for a variety of seemingly disparate materials, which, for example, include liquid crystals, colloids and polymers, yet sharing certain common features.

With expertise in computation and theory, our research is currently focused on optimally designing soft advanced materials for addressing sustainability issues and devising strategies for their scalable fabrication that exploits self-assembly routes for a range of building blocks, from molecular to microscale. We are particularly interested in designing novel photonic, phononic, mechanical and opto-electronic materials for sensing, lasing and energy harvesting. We are also interested in developing fundamental understanding of experimentally observed phenomena in soft materials. In the pursuit of developing soft advanced materials by design, we develop, adapt and apply a variety of computational methods to investigate the structures, phase behaviour and properties of soft matter, especially colloids and liquid crystals.

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